The Big RE Day

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Throughout school we have celebrated the Creation Story. Within EYFS the children listened to the story and recreated the story in collaborative pieces of art.

Year One and Year Two explored the Creation Story in different faiths and beliefs…

What a Wonderful World

We listened to the lyrics and music of Louie Armstrong- What a wonderful world.

We illustrated each day of the Christian version of the Creation Story. A selection of the art work was placed on one sheet to form one piece of collaborative art work for each day of the Creation Story.


Our Amazing World

We recapped over the Creation story and talked about what happened on each day.

Each day was represented by a range of objects and images to create a 3D representation of the Creation.



We listened to other Creation Stories from different religions and compared their similarities and differences. Each group selected one of the faith stories to explore it in greater depth and compare it to the Christian version. We had a jig saw piece and illustrated one part of the story


Ying and Yang

Rights and Wrongs in the World

We reflected upon the rights and wrongs in the world today. We made a list of our thoughts under the different headings. We looked at the Ying and Yang design, then we created our own half and half sign to reflect a balance.



In the beginning …

In small groups we retold the Creation story through dance, mime and music.



God the Creator

We looked and talked at a series of images of our world and talked about the different adjectives used to describe God as the creator e.g. big, amazing, powerful and patient.

We used these words to type a simile as well as add an image to describe God i.e. God is as powerful as a rocket.002 003 008 (2) 009 (2) 010 (2) 011 (2) 016 (2) 017 (2) 019 (2) 020 (2) 021 (2) 022 (2) 023 (2) 024

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